video game industry one of the most profitable industries

1. Domain name Domain name, that is, the web address we often enter in the browser. In recent years, the domain names used by the experience stations on the more famous website platforms are all CN or CC, but for this kind of domain name directly given to us. A vision is not as good as COM, because COM domain names generally appear on the Internet. Therefore, I personally feel that it depends on whether a new game platform is long-lasting. Domain name is the first important element for everyone.

Later, I came into contact with the second online earning blog-Shao Lianhu blog. It seems to have been searched from Baidu. He publishes a lot of mobile money making software on his blog, and he personally tested it. It feels quite reliable. Later, if you have anything to do, you can go there.

1. Soft article publishing: A blogger asked me before, is it okay to publish soft articles? A5 and CHINAZ only allow you to publish webmaster articles. Haha, I didn't know how to explain it at the time. You write webmaster articles yourself. , Adding your corporate website at the end to post to the webmaster network, etc. are all allowed. Hey, after a general successful release, it’s no problem to reprint dozens of times. If you write an article a week, it’s all very powerful, and The key is collected by different websites, so there are many domain name websites for you to vote, this method is really good, webmasters, I recommend using it.

Witkeys use their knowledge or technology to accept some money-making tasks online. Witkeys have many tasks, such as design, writing, promotion, posting, Q&A, forwarding, downloading, etc. Many ways to make money are similar to advertising tasks. It's more lucrative if you just use technology to make money! Therefore, mastering a technology is the goal that net earners must learn and stick to!

In Juxiangyou, your main reward for playing the game is in the form of u coins, so what you have to do is to take more u coins, 10000 U coins = 1 yuan. When your u coin reaches a certain amount, you can click to apply for withdrawal, and the money will be credited within 24 hours after withdrawal. Besides, in Juxiangyou, it is not difficult to make 200 yuan a day easily, that is, spend two or three hours a day playing games in it, so that you can play games easily. Earn 200 yuan a day.

Looking at Baidu’s plan this time, it seems that it has made up its mind. In addition to giving money to traffic, it will also provide a Vlog shooting editor based on Baidu’s AI capabilities in the latest version of the Haokan Video App. This feature can Intelligent recognition of video and voice, generation of Chinese and English subtitles, reducing the work of creators.

Others waste their time by swiping their mobile phones, but you can make money by swiping mobile phones on the computer technology forum! In the Internet era, making money requires Internet thinking. Your Moments, blogs, Qzone, etc. are all your mobile phone earning bases. Mobile demo is the most popular mobile phone money-making project nowadays. It does not require any cost investment. Just move your finger every day to try the software and you can earn hundreds of dollars a day. There is too much nonsense and it is useless. Just look at the screenshots of some income. !

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